Gbeda Cleanse

G’beda Cleanse is a 12, 24, or 54 day alkaline cleanse.  If you are looking for guidance to change your relationship to food, this is a great start.  Learn to eat for your body constitution and symptoms. This virtual program can be done individually or with a group during our spring, summer or winter group cleanses. Email, telephone, webinar, and audio/visual materials allow for an international approach to food and herbal therapy.

Rates: 12-day Basic Cleanse $88, 24-day Body and Mindset $175,  54-day Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse $265.

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Tonya Lyles, LAc is more than an acupuncturist. She is a healing artist, curriculum developer, presenter, workshop facilitator, musician and writer! Tonya is a graduate of AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and minored in Medical Qi Gong and Asian Bodywork. In 2016, she entered the Doctoral Program at AOMA while completing her certification in Sound Therapy. Tonya is also a REIKI Master who has also apprenticed in gemstone therapy (with Rose Twofeathers) and Sound Current Healing, REIKI, and SEICHIEM (with Sasha Ashtara White). Her treatments are a divine synthesis of the healing arts she has studied.

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